Panapa Leuluai – Senior Pastor

Panapa Leuluai has been our Senior Pastor since January 2022. Panapa cites watching people grow and develop intimate relationships with God and their fellow man as his primary reason for entering the ministry.

“My greatest joy is seeing people give their lives over to Jesus Christ. Being part of the journey is an amazing feeling”

Panapa has been in ministry for 14 years, half of which has been spent working as a school chaplain. Finding that working with young people was it’s own reward, even greater was walking them to and through the waters of baptism.

Panapa was the leader of the Samoan Choir in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, conducting them at countless events over the years. His love of music has not dwindled, and he regularly sings either as part of our music team or offering solo pieces to compliment his sermons. Can he sing? We will let you be the judge – by joining us on Sabbath mornings!

In his spare time, Panapa loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Jochebed, and his children Tamia-Grace and Tychicus-Stone.